Wild Birds Authority

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Wild Birds Unlimited is a successful franchise in the birding scene but their message and customer experience is quite outdated. Our focus was to relaunch the brand by building up the brand experience on the concept of "Live in the Pause". The moment where everything between you and the bird fades away. We started the rebranding by changing the name to Wild Birds Authority.


Partners : Soheil Oliaei (CT), Blakely Jones (CW)


Logo Redesign


Store Layout & Experience

store layout_final.jpg

"Live in the Pause" experience revived in big flagship stores : 

_Store built around the tree : Brings the real birdwatching experience into stores

_Store divided into two sections : 'backyard' vs 'in the wild'

('backyard'/'in the wild' products will be displayed accordingly and also on the tree). 

Layout for smaller stores.

Layout for smaller stores.


Website & Experience

Website navigation concept

Website navigation concept


App & Experience