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Bedbugs are creepy, invasive and tough. Because of the stigma associated with them, people with bedbugs often don't talk about it. We used the bugs' creepy, invasive nature to talk to anyone who has ever fought them, survived them or are just plain scared of them. And gave them the chance to talk back.

TAG: Get your bed back.

Partner : Karen Bolipata (CW)




On Moving Day on campuses in Richmond, Virginia, we deployed our BEDBUG ARMY to places bedbugs frequent.

On their bellies, a mysterious website, ""

On busy crosswalks and plazas on campuses and around the city, we left these MATTRESSES.



At bedbug hotspots like dorms, apartment buildings, coffee shops and bookstores,

we distributed our GRAPHIC NOVEL.

bed bugs_book_1.jpg
bed bugs_book_2.jpg
bed bugs_book_3.jpg

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WARNING : Explicit content. Includes nudity. 30-year oppressed artistic expression finally manifested. 


Everything led to our microsite where you can consult the experts anonymously.


To keep things between you and IPC, we opted for the nondescript look.