Just a little peek at Simon


Under Armour

Creative / Concepts Team (Mar 2016 - Present)



Art Director (Sep 2014 - Feb 2016)



Master of Science in Business
Branding : Art Direction (2014)


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Hello and welcome!

I don’t know what to call myself so I just go simple by Art Director / Creative. It sounds focused, and I hear that’s good. But really, I cross multiple disciplines, having studied architecture, graphic design and then art direction, and acquiring a few more useful skills along my professional journey. 

I enjoy learning new thought processes and skills. I lived in six different countries, in different cultures. Where all those overlap I see some creative juice flowing, I’d like to believe. 

I like thinking about things, mostly people, and turning that thought into a solid concept. I like creating true-to-brand storytelling to get that idea across and bringing it to life whether that be a holistic campaign, a product or an experience. 


"With heart, not just the head" is the motto I try to live by.

I travel a lot. I like seeing and learning new things.

My creative mind is a product of life I have spent in many different cultures. 

I wasn't always good with my words, so I drew instead.

Norman Rockwell is my favorite artist. Everything he drew was about people.

I studied architecture in undergrad. It was a study about people and their lifestyles.

I've been wearing hat almost every day for the last 15 years. 


Simon (Seung Woo) Suh.